Fredrikstad Energi Group


Fredrikstad Energi Group

Fredrikstad Energi Group consists of the parent company Fredrikstad Energi AS and the business areas, Nett, Marked and Mafi.
The business area Nett (Grid) consists of the subsidiary NorgesNett Holding AS and the subsidiary Norgesnett Holding AS.
The Business area Marked (Markets) consists of the daughter company Fredrikstad Energi Marked AS and the subsidiary Smart Energi AS.
The business area Mafi consists of the subsidiary Maik AS.
In addition, Fredrikstad Energi AS owns shares in the companies: Nettpartner AS (60%), Værste AS (29.3%), Norsk Enøk and Energi AS (38%), Integrasjonspartner Bits AS (25%), eSmart Systems AS (9, 1%) and E2U AS (30%).


Business area Nett (local grid operations)

The business area Nett has a license to own and operate local grids in the following municipalities: Fredrikstad, Hvaler, Røyken, Nesodden, Ski, Enebakk, and Askøy and serves more than 93,000 customers. The head office is located in Fredrikstad, where the business area’s day-to-day operating facilities are located. The business area is managed by Mona Askmann and has more than 50 employees.


Business area Marked (markets)

Business area Marked headquarter is located in Fredrikstad, where the majority of the organization is located. Marked sells electricity to end customers through the local brands: Follo Energi, Askøy Energi and Røyken Kraft. In addition, the business area Marked through the brand Smart Energy, customers are actively involved in the change of business by facilitating local production, i.e. solar systems and wind turbines and sharing local storage capacities (batteries). An important element in the concept is offering the customers visualizing their local production and consumption. Smart Energi also is an active repurchaser of locally produced power and facilitate neighbourhoods in their communication about any question of local production of consumption, not least in communication with public agencies. The business area is managed by Terese Troy Prebensen and has just under 20 employees


Business area Mafi

The business area Mafi headquarter is located in Fredrikstad. The business area offers its core interests to companies in the energy industry, including: network companies, market companies and district heating companies, as well as municipalities.
The service area is linked to measurement of consumption, including a collection of measurement data, storage and processing for further use, as well as invoicing, and the business area has concession and operates own collection operations. In recent years, the business area has built up an advisory business, especially related to autoamatic metering systems, reading/collection of data, billing and water metering.