Fredrikstad Energi has a long and rich history that spans more than 100 years

The first light bulb in Norway was lit at Lisleby Bruk in 1877. A couple years later, not far from Lisleby Bruk, Fredrikstad Energi started its story. The Group has been present in the Fredrikstad region for over 100 years, and over the years various events of different magnitude have helped shape Fredrikstad Energi to the business it is today.



A major rebranding of the company is implemented. This included amongst other things new logo, new website and the purchase of an electrical vehicle. The subsidiaries MAIK and Follo Energi undergo the same make-over with new logo and new websites.


The subsidiary EnergiTeknikk AS merged with Norsk Enøk og Energi (NEE). NEE is now headquartered in Drammen with several branch offices in Norway, including one branch office in Fredrikstad.


The group undergoes major changes. Several businesses are discontinued and/or merged into larger units. One of the most significant changes is organaizing all Fredrisktad Energi subsidaries concerning assembly and installation into one unite, Nettpartner, in 2006. During the same period all service functions, with the exception of real estate owned properties, are gathered in the subsidiary MAIK AS.


The group undergoes a name change and is from now on known under the name Fredrikstad Energi AS, with the abbreviation “FEAS” used up until 2013.

2000 – 2001

Fredrikstad Energi AS conducts several significant acquisitions of various businesses that will be incorporated into the organization. The acquisitions include utilities in eastern and western Norway such as Røyken Energiverk AS, Follo Energi AS, Nesodden Energi and Askøy Energi AS. Other businesses in the installation and assembly operations are also being acquired.


Fredrikstad EnergiSalg AS is sold to Vattenfall Norway AS. Today Fredrikstad EnergiSalg AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortum Group.


Fredrikstad Energi AS is re-organized to a corporation consisting of a parent company with subsidiaries. The extensive conversion makes Fredrikstad Energi AS the parent company with Fredrikstad EnergiNett AS, Fredrikstad EnergiMontasje AS, Fredrikstad EnergiSalg AS and Fredrikstad EnergiTeknikk AS as subsidiaries.


Fredrikstad Interkommunale E-verk is converted into a limited company. The owners of this company are Fredrikstad Municipality (92.5%) and Hvaler Municipality (7.5%).


Hvaler Energiverk is incorporated into Fredrikstad Interkommunale E-verk.


Fredrikstad Energi becomes an inter-municipal utility company. The local utility companies in Fredrikstad, Glemmen, Kråkerøy, Borge and Rolvsoy municipality are merged into a joint company called “Fredrikstad Interkommunale E-verk”.


The forerunner to Fredrikstad Energi AS, Fredrikstad Gas & Electricitetsværk, was constituted and began operations in 1896.